You Are Home To Me


Grace and Truth

An anniversary is a good time to reflect and count one’s blessings.  To remember all that God has done for you, and to realise how far you have progressed towards achieving your goals and how much you have improved in general.  Today, I am celebrating three years of marriage to my one and only, irreplaceable, Toritseju Ashogbon.

Birds of a feather

They say the first two years are the toughest and most critical times of testing in a marriage, so I thank God we made it, Babe, and I’m trusting Him to see us through many more years as we grow in love, wisdom and prosperity together.  Of all the blessings God has granted us, our precious Baby Jay is by far the best.  He is a wonderful combination of both of us, beauty, temperaments and all.


The wedding vows I wrote and published on my blog have been a great resource for me throughout our marriage…

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