Jisola Benson- A Caring Heart we should all look up to…

Jisola Benson, that’s the name behind the beautiful and kind-hearted Angel who is an agent of Goodwill. It’s surprising to know how one person can totally submit herself to doing good. Jisola Benson is a charismaticNigerian who believes in equality, she believes everyone has a right to be happy regardless of your family background or financial status, for this reason Jisola Benson decided to reach out to the less privileged.

This great woman’s unstoppable will to touch lives is miraculous; her philanthropic gesture can’t be compared to none.

When the name Jisola Benson is mentioned, all you think of is love, care and respect for all.

Some of Jisola Benson’s charity work includes: supporting God Bless Nigeria, Freedom foundation, Genesis House for disadvantaged girls (via her church), all the girls that have been rescued are empowered and now doing fantastically great and the name Jisola Benson would remain on their lips for a very long time.


Other charity works include Fair Life Africa, taking teenage boys off the streets, She believes everyone deserves a shot at life positively, some of this teenage boys are either professional sportsmen/ craftsmen and artisans , they will indeed not forget the name Jisola Benson in a hurry.

Although what she renders covertly and anonymously is even more than she does openly. She once used to do PR for Joseph YoboKenneth Omeruo, etc, and the list goes on and on. She encourages her various clients to give back to the society, by reaching out immensely to the disadvantaged and downtrodden.  Last Christmas, she single-handedly led Joseph Yobo (Nigerian Super Eagles) to 5 different charities, touching lives and bearing gifts for those they met, with pledges for their future welfare as well.


It is only right to give kudos to this Agent of Goodwill, and we all pray GOD rewards her in multiple folds because no man or woman can repay her good work. Jisola Benson is truly indeed an angel, a rare gem to come by.

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