Alagbado-20130420-00531  Let me celebrate my heart
Full of grace and beauty unspeakable
Fresh at heart and mild in spirit
With admirable skills,
Makes me know she’s a woman
And not a babe.

Let me celebrate my heart
Like fresh petals, she grips my mouth
Spellbound but inviting to all.
Yet she will picked one.
The pride of Hetty
She treasures her like her job.
With close semblance in mark
For she bears her trademark

Let me celebrate my heart
With a song from Bayelsa
And a dance of two wrappers
From Ubuluku till I dance round Delta.
The crown of Tony
He adores her as ‘Ada Ada’
Even when she’s Onyemaechi.

Let me celebrate my heart
Like the bloodline of  Akinsiku
Of the great Ekinmogun.
‘Omo mu la meji soju seye’.
‘Wo la ni o’
Let her dance the obitun music
And walk robust as a maiden.
As I beat the drums of aayan
And follow till we build an empire of the warriors.

Let me celebrate my heart
A boost for success
A ginger for greater accomplishment.
With manly strength like Hetty
Not surprising though, it runs in the blood.

Can I speak like an oracle?
And tell you a brighter world await you.
Can I sing you a truth long unspoken?
That you are a complete single lady
That will make a celebrity mother.
Can I draw it like a map?
For you to view smiles of the miles
You have walked and about to walk.

Let me celebrate my heart
With the warmth of my breath
And whisper ‘I LOVE YOU’
Not to rock your world but
With confidence that you rock mine.
Today marks a beginning of a journey
You are in the boat, enlisted and prepared
For we will ride our world with smiles.
Like a seed, it grows more by day.
Like a pillar of fire, its clear by night.
WARRENS RUTH won’t wait any longer.
Step out to the peak of the ladder.
For you are guided from home and above.
Happy Birthday Sweet.
Keep those dreams we share in your heart,
Those words that defines us from the pulpit,
Hold on to them.
For it will produce seeds of great generation.

If I was writing my thought,
Then I won’t stop.
For I haven’t started.
Happy Birthday Ruthy.

ruth and abey

(A creative piece for my best friend and my baby on her bithday 18th August, 2013. Celebrate my love)

Written by: Abiodun Akinsiku

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