Guinness Brings Roberto Di Matteo To Nigeria


GUINNESS is underlining its commitment to football in Nigeria with the launch of RAISE YOUR GAME campaign. Over the next year, Roberto Di Matteo will be working with GUINNESS and to launch the activities he will be right here in Nigeria today, Friday 16th August 2013. Please continue.


Purpose / Objectives
• Enhance public awareness and need to be in the know of his activities.
Opportunity to create buzz for Guinness as the brand committed to Nigeria and football fans.
• Keep the Malta Guinness events consistent, fresh and dynamic in minds of consumers.
Very Important
• Drive traffic to as site to keep up to date with all the news about Di Matteo’s visit to Nigeria
• Encourage audience to drink responsibly, strictly 18/21+
• Exciting times are here as Guinness the beer of choice for football fans has gone a step further to reaffirming its commitment to football. GUINNESS is bringing to town the Champions league winning Coach Roberto Di Matteo on August 16th Friday, 2013.
• While in town he will be launching the GUINNESS FOOTBALL MANAGER- a platform that put you in the driver’s seat and lets you‘Be the Boss’as you pick your team, call the shots, and, if you do well, win fantastic prizes. He will also be announcing the launch of the epic football show GUINNESS RAISE YOUR GAME- a weekly show that will bring you all the latest football news, amazing interviews with world-class footballers, epic live music performances and exclusive on-the-sofa chats!
• Sign up, for free at and own your own team and be the first to know Roberto’s activities. Also tune in to super sports to hear Roberto’s analysis on matches to be played on Saturday August 16th, 2013 all these brought to you by Guinness.
• As the new English premier league begins be sure to grab a bottle of Guinness and drink responsibly. Guinness is sold strictly to +18

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