Moringa, TREE of LIFE?

MORINGA was one the greatest gifts which Nature bestowed on man – this was known to the ancient world and they regarded the tree as a “Cure-all Tree”. They also saw the moringa tree as an “Elixir of long life”, “the Tree of Immortality”, “the Tree of Life”, “the Never Die Tree”, “the Miracle Tree that brings harmony to life”, and “Mother’s best friend”.

Other common names for moringa are: Horse-radish tree, Ben oil tree, Drumstick tree (referring to the large drumstick shaped pods).

Moringa, like most other trees and plants, lost its fame when science became more experimental and analytical – with rational thinking which also led to an increased remoteness from Nature. Today, however, as the whole world is been plagued with numerous degenerating health problems, together with the spiritual and  physical transformations sweeping across the entire universe, many concerned scientists are working very hard, trying to fashion out better and less hazardous ways of living in this computer age. This has led to a more intense experimental and research works that are aimed at verifying those traditional wisdom together with those healing plants that were known for their multidimensional functions to the ancient people.

Moringa is rich in many vitamins, including Vitamin A, several forms of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. In fact, it has more of these vitamins than a variety of foods that all claim to be excellent sources of them, such as carrots, oranges and milk. These vitamins provide a number of recognized health benefits.

Moringa leaves have a few specific benefits that must be touched on as well. Protein is a vital nutrient found in the leaves of this tree. There is twice as much calcium in Moringa leaves than in milk. Iron is found in large quantities in Moringa leaves as well. In fact, there is three times as much iron in this plant than in spinach. Along with these specific nutrients, the leaves can be consumed to stimulate your metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss. This is possible because Moringa provides energy without sugar. The leaves can also be used to beautify your skin, thus they are commonly taken as supplement by women looking for healthier skin.

Moringa seeds have a number of benefits specific to them as well. They contain iron, just like Moringa leaves, and they also contain amino acids along with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. That means if you have minor injuries like bruises, cuts or burns, you will heal faster when you take Moringa supplements. Along with these specific health benefits, you can even put its seeds in dirty water and they will attract the impurities and make the water drinkable. They are often manufactured in perfumes and aromatherapy products because of the refreshing aroma they provide.

Moringa cures lower back ache, epilepsy, asthma, arthritis, lowers blood sugar level among diabetics, boosts the immune system of the HIV/AIDS patients(its extremely good in managing HIV/AIDS patients), helps with infertility challenges, boosts Fluid production among men, tones the body, helps with liver and kidney ailments, handles all forms of cancers! The oil particularly handles prostrate issues among men, normalises the blood pressure among hypertensive patients, etc.

All of the amazing health benefits of Moringa leaves and seeds make them a regular in the diets of people who live where they grow in Asia, Africa and South America. As far as science is concerned, Moringa is a new find. As far as herbalists are concerned, this plant has been benefiting them for generations.

When seeds are crushed into a powder, they act as a natural flocculent which can be used to purify dirty water, eliminating between 90-99% of bacteria.
The Moringa seeds yield edible oil. Seeds cake, from the oil extraction, can be used in the same way. It has also potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development, and support sustainable land care.

Moringa seeds have several beneficial uses.

As Food
Moringa seeds can be eaten, either alone or along with the entire pod The seeds can be roasted and eaten like nuts. They can also be used in cooking the same way one would use peas or beans.

The seeds contain a high-quality oil which can be used for cooking and for lubrication.

Moringa Oil

Water purification
The Moringa seeds can be used to remove impurities from dirty water and help make it drinkable.

Houshold Water Purification

Large Scale – Water Purification
Water Softening
A study has found that the seeds not only can help purify water, but also soften it.

The “seed cake” that is left over after crushing the seeds for oil extraction or water purification can then be used as a fertilizer.

The following testimonials are true stories from people using the various Moringa products.

A lady in Owerri said: I used to have severe lower back ache. After I started taking Moringa, I did not quite notice the pain disappeared until one day, I just noticed there was no form of discomfort around my waist area. And that was it. It never surfaced till today!

Two women supposedly through with child bearing became pregnant within 4 months of using moringa seeds.

A young mother of three, with chilly feeling in the chest was relived with the use of moringa seeds. Her child’s severe ear ache stopped after moringa leaf-juice was squeezed into her ear.

Two men that suffered and were weakened by malaria attacks regained vitality after the use of moringa leaves and seeds.

A woman from Anambra State, involved in a vehicular accident, had her fair skin bruised which resulted dark marks on her skin. After chewing moringa seeds consistently from then till now, she noticed that her skin has also been healed.

A man, diabetic since December 2002, also has chronic peptic ulcer, but after chewing a total of 300 moringa seeds within 10 weeks, he regained his weight, looks and vitality.

A lady who had recurrent malaria, stomach ailment, dental caries with hole got healed from all these after using moringa leaves and seeds.

A certain woman came testifying that a friend of hers who had GOITER, as she began to consume moringa SEEDS, the goiter began to shrink! 

She continued that her own very eyes used to ache when working with computers. But now, as she began taking Moringa seeds, the situation was arrested. Another person gave his testimony of experiencing relief from eye problem after taking Moringa Seeds for 10 days! He said before now, he bought EYE DRUGS worth NGN 21,000.00 which did not help him but ALAS! Moringa seeds are doing the miracle.

Moringa is handling arthritis, potbelly, aiding in weightloss, helping diabetics, hypertensive patients, etc. Please look for Moringa around you and start enjoying its many health benefits.

A certain Professor in the University of Ibadan started using moringa seeds early this year, by the time I saw him this month, he said HE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT, TAKING THE SEEDS, HE NEEDED TO STOP! Therefore, if you want to shed some weight, take moringa seeds. Plus, we have a specially formulated moringa cleanser that works well.

Moringa seeds are intensely powerful purifiers – they can purify almost any water, to make it potable – think what it does to the water in your body! Whenever you ingest too much of something, that has a cleansing effect on your system.

Its best to Take two seeds per day.

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