BBA Update: Beverly Gets more Dirty

Latest Talks from The Bba on Nigeria Representative Beverly Osu, is that she may get to The Finale of the Big Brother Africa. Many people will say they dislike her, but I think she is interesting to watch as she has craved a scene for herself and that is exactly what has got her to her Latest Position..

Stories about Beverly all since the Biggest Tv Reality show Bba is filled with Laughter and Disappointment but the Young Beautiful and entertaining Lady isn’t Relenting as she is on Her way to Making a Record.

See more revealing secrets about Beverly Osu

The Real Beverly

She found herself on the wrong side of a love triangle early in the game. Many gave her the benefit of doubt when Ugandan basketballer, Isaac ‘LK4’ Lugude decided to play a fast one on her and South African model Koketso Modibo. But many failed to take that as a hint.

She moved on to Ethiopian student, Bimp, after being shipped off to the Diamond House from the Ruby House. She didn’t need his permission to share his bed: She latched onto him like a leech for her daily survival. But Bimp’s avowed commitment to his girlfriend ensured that he kept the lines of friendship very clear.

When South Africa’s Angelo Collins connected with Beverly at the party zone, it was a case of two housemates finding love on the rebound; and that love which Beverly shares with the dance instructor has seen her throw caution to the winds. After two near mishaps, Beverly finally let go last Friday in Biggie’s bathtub. She became the fourth female Chasemate to Be Intimate on live TV, following closely in the footsteps of Betty, Selly and Cleo.

Lies She may have told

Beverly made ears twinge earlier when she revealed that she was expelled from secondary school. Then she spoke about a ‘thing’ with singer 2Shortz and tongues wagged more. The singer’s rebuttal of any links with her made people have a rethink. Could Beverly be making up her stories? Not long after many discerning fans began to pick holes in her stories. Funny enough, she told many of them to housemates without bothering if she was over-stepping boundaries of decency, tact, fact and truth.

“In Nigeria, I can be walking past a market, and a market woman will stone me,” Bev told Chasemates last week Friday. She claimed a 42-year-old man wanted to marry her after meeting her just for a day, just to buttress an earlier statement: “My mum used to tell me that the guy I will marry, I won’t date for long.”

While confirming that she dropped out of Babcock University, she raised viewers eyebrows with two blatant lies: “I went to the most expensive school in Nigeria. I was a first-class material before dropping out of school, not because I don’t have the brain.” Many can easily attest to the fact that Igbinedion University’s fees dwarf that of Babcock and many a first-class student can spell difference without blinking.

these random sensational picks: “Flirting is in my genes,” she told Angelo. “I have over 16 Bibles,” she also told housemates. She claimed that popular singer Omawumi Megbele was her best friend. That was after she let out that a journey from Nigeria to Ghana by road took between 2-3hours. For Beverly, the Nigeria naira exchanges at a N100 to $1: “I told him [one of her ex boyfriends] that I would charge N100,000, that’s about a $1,000!”

Why she is a Talkative

Beverly’s stories have no boundaries and respect. “My grandmother speaks Ibo and doesn’t speak English very well. She is an illiterate!” Her mother’s dealings in life are in the open. From revealing that her 52-year-old mother carried drugs, she claimed that she was also an alaiye (mother of street urchins), and spoke boldly of how her mother took one young man to the cleaners with the help of her brothers. Hmmm…

She told Elikem on Monday: “My first boyfriend was Frank Okosa. He was 18 and in SS2, I was 15 in SS3. He was the first to Be Intimate with me.” She went ahead to reel out a list of her many boyfriends after Okosa: CJ, Nosa (32yrs), Rukkie (35yrs), Special (32yrs) and Curtis (28yrs). To justify her many men, she gave a lame excuse: “All my ex were over-protective and they took me for granted.” If she had stopped there it would have been very unlike her. But she dropped another bombshell for Elikem, the listening ear: “I can’t make love except I am high.”

On Wednesday, Beverly still wanted to have a say, as long as any housemate made a comment. So, when Namibia’s Dillish Matthews disclosed that her mother’s birthday was August 14, Beverly jumped in, “my mum’s birthday is tomorrow.”

Beverly have been Wrapped with Many Sore and interesting events however in the BBA, following her Last SEX EVENT with Angelo her fellow housemate, She has lost favour in the hearts of Many Nigerians. But the more interesting gist about the unstoppable entertainment iis that if she skips this weeks nomination she will actually make the Record of the Big Brother Game for not being Nominated for Eviction for 11 weeks…

Do you think Beverly stands a chance to remain in. Brother??

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