Police Arrest Suspect for Penetrating 2.5-year-old Girl with a Fork

Lagos State Police Command reported the arrest of a woman who allegedly defiled a two-and-a- half-year-old girl in Ilupeju area of Lagos.
The suspect, identified as Funmi, who is a teacher in an undisclosed nursery and primary school around Ilupeju allegedly inserted a fork into the little girl’s private part.
It has been learned that the mother of the little girl noticed the injuries when she took her daughter for a shower after she returned home from school crying. The girl’s mother understood something bad must have happened when her daughter couldn’t bear the slightest touch on her private part, and asked the girl who told her what her teacher had done.

The mother of the victim has immediately contacted police, and the school’s management was informed. However, all the teachers denied the accusations, saying the child might not know what she was talking about.
All the teachers in the school were said to have been subsequently paraded before the child to identify the culprit, in order to ascertain her claim. She seemed certain it was Funmi as she pointed straight at her once she sighted her, prompting her arrest.
On August 7, 2013, the case was charged to a special court after the medical test conducted on the child showed that her hymen had been broken.
The suspected teacher, Funmi, insisted on her innocence. 

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