Man knocked down by vehicle after snatching woman’s bag at Abuja airport expressway

A middle-aged man was Monday night knocked down by a fast-moving car, few seconds after snatching a pedestrian’s bag at the Federal Housing junction, Lugbe expressway, along the Abuja airport road.
On arrival at the scene, DailyPost was informed that the man was hit while crossing to the other lane to escape.
A closer look showed that his collision with the car broke both legs. Also, his eyes and face were swollen while in the pool of his blood.
Although the assailant appeared to have breathed his last, passers-by differed on his condition. While some argued that he was in coma, others simply pronounced him dead.
“He ran into the road without looking because the owner of the bag, a woman, was after him. The car sped off without waiting,” said an eyewitness.
When asked on the whereabouts of the woman, another witness replied: “She left about ten minutes ago. She picked up her bag by the road side and walked away.
As onlookers put calls to the Police numbers they had on their phones, this reporter in company of a friend rushed to a police team at the Lugbe FHA roundabout.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, leader of the Police team said some persons had earlier informed them of the incident.
He said they were reluctant to go as they had no fuel in their vehicle and that hospitals, including government-owned, usually reject victims of accidents or gunshots.
“You have done well by coming to inform us. We are human-beings too and we want to help, but the system is not helping us.
Queried further, he cited an experience: “There was a time something happened. A man stabbed another guy in the neck and he was losing so much blood.
“When we got there, we did our best to calm the situation, then me and my boys rushed the man to the National Hospital in the Central Area. Could you believe they rejected him, despite seeing uniformed men. They are very wicked people as you see them and that’s what they do. It’s sad, but that’s one out many experiences.
“So it’s not as if we don’t want to help, but honestly no fuel; we move around all day. And again, assuming we have Police hospital like they have in the Army, Navy and Air-force, we can always use.
“The government is trying but should do more especially for the Police. We need more gadgets, adequate fuel provision, more patrol vans and so on.
“Also Individuals and organisations should stop donating cash to the Police, instead, they should buy equipment and give us.
When our correspondent went back to the scene, the crowd had dispersed.
A man among the few still around told DailyPost, that some policemen were at the scene and took the snatcher away.
“I’m not sure he survived. I think he’s dead,” he added.

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