How to Keep your Gmail Account secure without 2-step Verification

Yesterday I was able to gather Little information on the Google 2-step verification and I realised Nigeria have been blocked from this service by GOOGLE because most of the online Hijackers have been noticed to be from Nigeria.. Well no need to Panic there is still a way to keep your account secured from Online Hijackers. Before I proceed with the steps , I would like you to take a good look at the picture above..

How to keep your account secured

1. Clear all history, Passowrd, Cache from your computer.

2. Open (not any other address, don’t search Google to login)

3. Login and change your Password. (Include symbols and numbers)

4. Save it.

Why I asked you to Look at the image above

These online hackers are able to Forge Google email sender message.. I.e you might receive a message saying your account was recently Logged into or was attempted logged into.. Reset your password immediately. Do not just hurry to reset your take a good llok at the email.. NB this email might have a sender I’d as ( or It may be fake login page..

Once you click on reset or any link there it will immediately gather your login details and send to the Hacker.. And he will access your account easily just like you..

Monitor the IP address of your Gmail Account

You can monitor the IP addresses that logs into your Gmail account. To detect log into your account, Scroll down and click account activity “DETAILS“. You will immediately see the Ip addresses that Logs into your GMAIL account, the country, and states and time as well. If you notice any different IP apart from Yours, that means your account is been used by someone else as well simply click “Sign out of all other sessions”. This will automatically delete all other active sessions of your account.. Then change your password immediately from the google accounts settings page.

Note to Monitor easily when someone signs into your account that is not you, on the settings page, click on send notification when someone logs into my Account.

Don’t Login from Public computer

Don not use a public computer to access your account as this may be a harmful thing to you..(Most especially Bloggers) better still use your phone than using a cyber cafe..

I hope this was useful, if you still have any problem, simply use the comment Box and drop your email.. and I will email you asap.. (Do not drop emails you use for your WordPress or Blogspot account.

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