SHOCKING: 50% Female Students Of Delta State Secondary Schools Have Turned Lesbians

Some female students of Delta State secondary schools have turned to homosexual practices and have been taking lesbian acts to public and private schools across the state, according to Leadership Friday.

It has been gathered that the young women have formed a ‘cult’ called Missing in Action, a community allegedly possessing “deadly charms and weapons,” as reported by Leadership.

The highest number of members reportedly belongs to the six popular public secondary schools in the Warri/Asaba area[no names given];on a daily basis, they visit primary school girls to woo them to join the ‘cult’.

ASP Lucky Uyabeme, Police spokesman for Delta State, has confirmed that sixteen girls were apprehended in a hotel in Umuagu/Ogbeke Square area, celebrating their introduction into the ‘cult’. Upon questioning, the girls admitted to being lesbians, and, hence, were arraigned at the Magistrate Court III, Asaba.

Moreover, members of the group, said to be students in JSS II and III of a popular secondary school for girls, are reportedly seducing female teachers with gifts and photographs of a revealing nature showing girls engaged in s*xual activities with each other.

Phase I & II Club House around DLA road in Asaba is the alleged training centre for new entrants, where they are indoctrinated by others who have been long involved in the act.

There, checks revealed, fierce security men are positioned to collect ‘gate fees’ from unsuspecting members of the public who are interested in the ‘live shows,’ where the acts are performed and Indian hemp is passed around.

One of the girls, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said thus: “We don’t need any man; we hate men and when they come around us we will kill them.”

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