You and your WORLD; a truth you need to know

It’s in YOU. The seed of GREATNESS abides in YOU. The KINGDOM of God is within YOU. There are about 10billion neurons in your BRAIN. There are countless potentials and Possibilities in YOU. You have what it takes to change your world within you.

The TRUTH is as much a YOU have all these things, everybody on earth also does. The POOR does, the RICH does. The reality is: People will not PAY you in MONEY, RESPECT and POWER for what you have within you. It is only in CASINOS that people pay for POSSIBILITIES. In the REAL market place, people BUY products; visible creations that can solve their PROBLEMS.

The Bible says: “MEN look at the EYES”. It’s this same men you are doing business with in this fast paced world. God does not PRINT money, MEN do. They don’t see what is WITHIN you. Their PERCEPTION determines how much they pay you for a service, more than you COMPETENCE do. “Men look at the EYES”, and they immediately make their decisions; whether or not to do business with YOU.

Work well enough to BRING what you have within you to the surface; where men can SEE it.
If it is in you HEART, let it be visible in your HAND. The world will only give you a CHANCE for “MORE SUCCESS” not for the initial ones. The initial SUCCESSES that wiil create the RIGHT perception of YOU in PEOPLE has to be CREATED by YOU.

This Article was written as part of InspireNaija Series on HZM by:
(C) ‘Dimeji Mudele
• All Rights Reserved


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