I started out in life TRYING to be as PROFOUND as possible. All I wanted was DEPTH; wisdom and a deep view of life. I dug every material I could lay my hands on. I was so PROFOUND, and I am still quite so. Later I found out that you can be so PROFOUND and still be so POOR. I have been there.
Don’t make the same mistake I made. Wealth is only exchanged when VALUE is created. This will only happen when we can creatively strike a balance between PROFOUNDITY and ‘PRODUCTIVITY’. Very VITAL it is. We can be so distracted with our DEPTH of KNOWLEDGE that we FORGET to remember that everything we KNOW is only a MEANS to an END. We KNOW so we can DO. We DO so we can HAVE. We HAVE so we can GIVE. Knowledge can only be expressed as VALUE through PRODUCTs. Remember, “it is by your “FRUITS” that you shall be KNOWN, not by your depth” #Bible.
Now the question goes: “If I am PROFOUNDLY PRODUCTIVE, can I still be POOR?” It’s still a YES; if you get so PROFOUND and PRODUCTIVE that choose to neglect the BUSINESS of what we do. It’s still going to be hello POVERTY.
Even PRODUCTIVITY, as I found out of late, is still a means to an END. The end of it all is PROFITING. Knowing how to PRODUCE maximally under unfavourable conditions at economically viable cost, PACKAGING it in an EXOTIC way coupled with TOP-CLASS salesmanship creates your PROFIT.
Digg the depths within you: Be PROFOUND.
Find your MARKET, understand it, go there, and sell your VALUE: Be PROFITABLE.

This Article was written as part of InspireNaija Series on HZM by:
(C) ‘Dimeji Mudele
• All Rights Reserved

Dimeji Mudele( Cute Mude Consulting)

Dimeji Mudele( Cute Mude Consulting)


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