Facts You Should Know About ASUU Strike

On the 1st of July 2009, the Federal Government and ASUU reached an agreement after series of meeting and strike actions. The FG/ASUU agreement had four components namely, conditions of service, funding, university autonomy and academic freedom.

All aimed at providing a benchmark for the improvement of the standard of teaching and learning among Universities in the Country. The 2009 agreement was intended to help the universities in Nigeria to completely exist among the committe of universities in the world. The association also called on the FG to look into the welfare of Nigerian students, which, according to them, had deteriorated.

The FG has only implemented the Salary aspect of the agreement while neglecting other parts of the agreement. With the excuse that, there are still some grey areas in agreement that needs to be trashed out.

Though the agreement has soon unrealistic demands like the 70-year retirement age for university professors.

The demands are as follows:

i. Funding requirements for Revitalization of the Nigerian Universities

ii. FGN Assistance to State Universities

iii. Establishment of NUPEMCO-
Nigerian University Pension Management Committee (NUPEMCO)

iv. Progressive increase in Budgetary Allocatn 2 Education to 26% btw 2009 & 2020

v. Earned Allowances

vi. Amendment of d Pension/Retirement Age of Professors from 65 to 70 years

vii. Reinstatement of prematurely dissolved Governing Councils

viii. Transfer of FG Landed Property to Universities

ix. Setting up of Research Development Council & Provision of Research Equipment to labs & classrooms in our universities

Yet, the Government has continued to dilly-dally on the implementation!
From all indications, it appears the FG is yet unprepared to address the challenges facing the Nigeria University System with the urgency that is required.

The time has come to rise in defence of the true liberation of our country. We believe this liberation must begin with education!


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