I Will Like To Get Married Again’ -43 Year Old Nollywood Actress, Shan George Cries Out

Nollywood actress, Shan George has had her fair share of scandals. She has been accused of going into marriage and coming out of it over three times, dating younger men and decorating her body with countless tattoos. In this interview, the half caste actress talks about her relationship status and what interests her;

What about the multiple marriage scandals; is there any truth to them?

There was a time someone called to congratulate me on my new marriage. I was shocked. My first marriage was when I was 16, and I don’t count that because I was a child and I had no say in the matter. The ideal thing is that as an adult, you meet someone you like and you get married to him. What happens most times is that I act a movie where I get married, the pictures go viral online and everyone says I am married again.

And I am amazed because I wonder, people who read this, don’t they calculate the years? I married once and my two kids are for my first husband. I read on some blogs that I had a child out of wedlock and I have been hiding it. But I wonder if I got married at the age of 16, at what age did I have that child? I was so young when I walked out of my first marriage to pursue my education. Later on, as an adult, I got married again, but we aren’t really together anymore. Marriage can be complicated.

What was it like being married at such a young age?

Being married at the age of 16 was just like a child still living with her parents. It was more like an obligation. I don’t really want to talk about it because of my children.

What is your relationship status now?

I have someone who is very nice and important to me. So, I guess you can call that a romantic relationship. I have always known this guy and he has been there for me.

Would you like to get married again?

Of course, I would.

How do you manage to look so good at 43?

Because the job is very stressful, I don’t really add much weight. But because I’m slim doesn’t mean that I’m fit. I can be very lazy about exercise. However, I am very careful about what I eat; that’s why am not very fat.

What are your sons like?

My first son is an Economist; he is still in the UK and has refused to come back home. My second son actually is into music. He read Music Engineering and Production in London and now, he is in Nigeria trying to pursue a career in music.

What is it with you and tattoos?

Tattoos are a way for me to express myself. People wear clothes, fix their hair or nails; but for me, I love tattoos, that’s who I am. I have just two permanent tattoos, but sometimes I wear artificial tattoos depending on my mood.

Apart from movies what else are you interested in?

I used to own a boutique but am not fashionable. I don’t know how to sew, but I can draw and create designs. I have passion for putting smiles on the faces of people around me. I would love to be in a place where everybody is cared for. Not one person having all that others will worship. I am working on the release of my new movie, “Finding Good luck.” I am hoping to release it on DVD. It is in the cinemas already and this is a movie that has got to do with the image of the Nigerian Police and how people generally relate with the average policeman and how it should be at the end of the day. I hope the movie will better the lives of some people.


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