Hope Not Lost: Heroic Police Officer Chases Robbers, Recovers Money

The police officer in the photo above recovered large sums from robbers on Friday in Abuja after a spontaneous chase on his power bike in a rare display of exemplary policing.

The robbers, riding on a lower engine motor-bike, snatched a money bag containing N150,000 from the victim [pictured in orange shirt] as he walked out of a bank in heart of the Area 3 part of town.

The victim’s calls for help drew the attention of the police officer, Abu Tanko, a police motorcycle rider attached to the Force Headquarters Abuja.

Mr Tanko swiftly chased the robbers as they fled off with the cash. After few kilometers, at a point around the neighbouring Area 8, he caught with the robbers. The the robbers flung the money bag and ran away as he slowed down to pick up the bag.

Heroic Mr. Tanko returned to the scene about 15 minutes later with the whole sum of money intact and handed it in the bewildered owner before a cheering crowd.

Nigerian police officers are notorious for corruption and instability around money, forcing most Nigerians to rely on self-help or alternative security.

“It is an indication that there are still a few ones out there,” the force said in a Facebook post it made about the heroic officer. “All hope is not yet lost!”

The police advised distressed citizens to always call its officers because they institutionally required to respond to all distress calls.

Credits: Naij.com


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