Preventive Health Tips

How to gain weight without becoming over weight which is what you don’t want along with it’s risk.
To gain weight is easy;.
1. Eat small quantity of food in at least 5 to 6 hrs because food digest faster in small proportions. 2. Engage in early morning exercise to enhance proper blood circulation and other metabolic activities.
3. Feed on high carbohydrate fruits such as pineapple,mango, banana, pawpaw, berry,grape etc.
4. Eat your regular foods such as rice, eba, amala, yam, potatoes, egg etc + junks e.g chocolate, ice cream, jellies etc. 5. Feed on fibres and drink lots of water. The importance of fibres can’t be over emphasised. It reduces the risk of certain cancers such as cardiovascular and colon cancer, prevention of constipation and control of diarrhoea etc. Water on the other hand helps to prevent dehydration, helps to soften stool, and regulation of blood, salt and other substance in the body etc.
So you will sure agree with that to gain weight is easy as long as you adhere to the rules so you don’t become overweight.

Written by: Temitope Omola
Hope you enjoyed the above tips on how to gain weight, for further questions, contribution or consultation, feel free to e-mail

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