Financial Mastery Tweet session by ‘Dimeji Mudele (@cutemude)

This is guaranteed to GROW your mind. An insightful tweet session on financial mastery (#CuteMoney) was hosted by ‘Dimeji Mudele (@cutemude) on the 16th of June, 2013. This blog post features all the tweets by @cutemude in the session.

See Tweets by @cutemude in the session below:

1) Everybody has money, at least some money.
1b) The difference between us is how we EXECUTE how much we have.
1c) Financial Mastery is not just about mastering money but about mastering the USE of MONEY.
1d) If we don’t master money, Money will master us.
2b) People who make money work for them are masters of the “USE of MONEY”.
2c) There is such thing as the right “USE of MONEY”; the way money should be used.
3) The bible says money answereth all things. You need to have money to own things.
3b) I achieving success in life, there are things you must possess. Money buys them for you.
3c) Money subscribes your internet and buys you electricity.. So much it does.
3d) To own “things” you must possess money with which you will buy them.
4) Money answers things. The man with the Money has the answers.
4b) If you lack money, you lack answers to the basic questions of life.
5a) Visions are brought about by provision; the possession of capacity.
5b) It is literally impossible to facilitate your purpose on earth without money.
5c) Anointing without money is annoyance.
6) Money secures things. The stronghold of the wise is their money.
6b) Check it anywhere. Money never goes to prison.
7) Money attracts (both good and evil)
7b) Money does not only attract, it makes attractive.
8) When you lack money, you lack command and control over your realities
We all want more money but we don’t have it. This because we have not yet mastered money
10) Now we know we need financial mastery, How do we get it?
11) Wealth is in having more assets than liabilities.
11b) There is no middle ground, you are either rich or poor.
11c) Assets are the things you own that bring you more money.
12) When you have more liabilities than assets, you are poor. Doesn’t matter if you drive a RR sport
12b) Poverty does not always look it these days. It drives a good car, dresses nice.
13) Liabilities are things you own that take money away from you.
14) Taking govt loans to buy a luxury car is a POVERTY decision… Take it!
14b) People take cooperative loans to finance OWAMBE parties, POVERTY at its PEAK.
15) Our poverty expands by the choices we make everyday, to spend rather than invest.
16) Investment is the way to GROW what you have.
16b) To get how much you want, you’ve got to invest how much you have. It’s the only way.
16c) The money you need exists as a potential in the money you have.
17) Financial mastery is about understanding the power of investment; invest in today, buy tomorrow
18) Doesn’t matter how much you have in hand now, begin to multiply what you have.
19) Rather than buy a N10m car, why not buy a land and lease it out. Just saying.
20) Rather than buy a N10m car, when not buy a couple of HIACE buses for transport biz. Just saying
21) Rather than build an expensive personal house, why not a shopping complex or school?
22) Investment is the secret behind all the empires that have been built in time past.
23) If you keep spending like the average man would do, you will stay average.
24) Decisions determine wealth. God does not print money.
Hit the hash tag #CuteMoney , join the conversation, retweet and share. Let the message go VIRAL.

‘Dimeji Mudele
Your Effectiveness strategist
Twitter handle; @cutemude
BB: 27AE5829
© June 2013

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