Nigeria Rated 8th Most Corrupt Nation

Anti-corruption non-profit organisation, Transparency International (TI),
has released its 2013 Global
Corruption Barometer, which
surveyed residents in 107
countries, ranking Nigeria,
Zambia, Paraguay, Mexico,
Zimbabwe, Venezula and Russia
as the largest countries on the
globe with active corruption
indices with Liberia and
Mongolia leading the table.

According to the report, the
world’s corrupt nations differ in
many ways. Four are located in
Africa, three in Latin America and
two in Asia. These nations also
vary considerably in size and

Mongolia has just 3.2
million residents, while Mexico,
Nigeria and Russia are three of
the largest countries on the
globe, each with more than 100
million people.
In Nigeria, 84% of those
surveyed by Transparency
International claimed corruption
had increased in the past two
years, a higher percentage than
almost any other country in the
Troublingly, 75% of those
surveyed also said the
government was, at best,
ineffective at fighting corruption,
worse than in all but 10
TI says Nigeria is heavily
dependent on the oil industry,
yet the government refuses to
act on accusations that the oil
companies are underreporting
the value of the resources they
extract and the tax they owe by
billions of dollars.

The report adds that“certain
transparency groups also blamed
politicians for encouraging
corruption. In 2012, Nigeria had
just the 37th largest GDP in the
world, despite having the world’s
seventh largest population. In
Liberia, the majority of Liberians
surveyed said they believed the
country was run either largely or
entirely by a few entities acting
in their own self interest.

“A world-leading 86% of
residents who spoke to
Transparency International
claimed their government had
been either ineffective or very
ineffective at fighting corruption,
while 96% of residents claimed
Liberia’s legislature was corrupt,
also the highest percentage of
any nation.

A stunning 75% of
residents surveyed claimed they
had paid a bribe to secure some
service, trailing only Sierra Leone.
“In all, 80% of the population
had at one point been asked to
pay a bribe. Recently, President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf fired the
country’s auditor general for
corruption.Many of those
surveyed in the highly corrupt
countries also felt their
governments were not holding
up their end of the bargain.”

According to the report,“in
seven of the nine countries, more
than half of those questioned felt
their government was ineffective
at fighting corruption. In Liberia,
86% of residents surveyed said
their government was ineffective
at fighting the problem. This was
the largest proportion of any of
the 107 nations Transparency
International surveyed. While
corruption appears to affect
every part of the public sector,
certain segments were much
worse than the rest.

“Globally, at least 6
0% of respondents claimed political
parties and police were corrupt.
Additionally, more than 50% of
people stated their legislature,
their public officials and their
judiciary were corrupt.In the
world’s most corrupt nations,
those institutions were, naturally,
even worse. In Nigeria, 94% of
people claimed their political
parties were corrupt, the most in
the world. Similarly, 96% of
Liberians reported their
legislature was corrupt, also the
most in the world. In eight of the
nine most corrupt nations, more
than 80% of residents
considered the police to be

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