Watchout for the movement of the CROWD

Watchout for the movement of the CROWD, and TILT away from it. The natural tendency is to move with the CROWD, it is regarded as safest position to be.
Well, I beg to differ:| . In any case, like my mentor Les Brown would say, “There is no SAFE POSITION in life”. Afterall, you can’t get out of life alive. The guy who moves with the crowd is not safer then the one who moves against it. LIFE comprises no safe position. Why are we then finding it difficult to DARE to be DIFFERENT. The World does not need another COWARD. It’s already riddled with MORE than enough of it.
There was a MAN in the BIBLE called Zaccheus. The reason we can make reference to him TODAY is simply because he climbed a TREE :). Not just because he climbed a TREE, but because he did it while others were walking on the GROUND. He understood the only place that is CROWDED in life is the BOTTOM. He needed to raise his pedestal to create some DIFFERENCE in himself.
He understood that no man has ever been celebrated based on his SIMILARITY with anyone. The world celebrates DIFFERENCES.
You just have to be DIFFERENT if posterity will hold on to your GREATNESS for a long time.
Find a DIFFERENCE and BE it. When others are walking, CLIMB. When they are climbing, FLY. When they are flying, just do more. In everything you do, DARE to go the extra mile.
Common say “I HEAR YOU SIR”

This Article was written as part of InspireNaija Series on HZM by:
(C) ‘Dimeji Mudele
• All Rights Reserved

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