LAGOS FASHION MENIAC is a runway show with an edge in fashion and style, a platform set to develop, empower and encourage talented/young designers and models, with the responsibility of boosting, revitalizing and re-branding the Nigerian fashion industry through our events which discourages social ill-norms and values among the youths with a view of making NIGERIA great.
LAGOS FASHION MENIAC also aims at cutting across geographic and culture barriers and position itself as a business of fashion and design event targeted at showcasing the best of the fashion industry, drive the Nigerian fashion industry and ultimately uplift its profile within the globe.
We give upcoming designers/models and visitors room for interactive platform to maximize their exposure within and beyond their industry circle and open gateways for more business opportunities.
Another interesting part of LAGOS FASHION MENIAC is Lagos itself – a metropolitan island that features an interesting mix of people, cultures and is fast becoming the melting pot for business in West-Africa and Africa at large.

Designers for Lfm 2013

Da kuLture models a brand name and a registered clothing house, this name has been in the  lips of so many Since 2005 until it officially opened and flagged off as a fashion house/ ready to wear couture 2010.
We make unisex design as well as we deal with all level and class of customers, our designs and creative act involve detailed work and artistic finishing that makes it easily distinguished 

Joseph Apparel Fashion Company is a fashion brand with high quality and opened since 2011and now one of the top well know fashion company by young people and rated middle class man.
I have passion in fashion and that is why I came out in a creative way using Akara fibers popularly known as Abada to create men outfit, I started this when I was in secondary school and without knowing anything like fashion until I enter the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with my skills and creative work, people ask me whether I’m a fashion designer because they bring fabric material for me to design clothes, shoe, handbags etc. for them and call me fashion designer. I take the advantage of that and do run a profession career in Fashion design.
As a young Fashion Designer my vision is to bring back the ancient design to the modern style of 21st century and to
meet the most preferred employee and customer service and become the most sought-after corporate clothing brand.
I am by name Echemunor Benjamin Delta State and based in Abuja.

House of Annie.J was Conceived while at Frego Styles,Accra.Ghana in the Year 2009/2010 and was later delivered officially in the year 2011… We started In the University Campus of Wisconsin University College,Accra,Ghana and the House of Annie.J popularly known as (HOA) has become a Global brand with clients from all works of life,Our materials are gotten from every region of Africa and Abroad also our products are well detailed,Satisfying our clients is One of Our topmost priority as we hope to keep a long lasting relationship between Us and all Lovers of HOA. Our designs are diversified for people in all works of life,male, female,young and old. Lastly our aim and goal is to Re define African Fashion by bringing a touch of the international blend of fashion without deviating from our African Background.. Creating a touch of  Vintage,Classy and African Style…

Contact Info
08037984961 @RoyhillsFasHuz

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