All of LIFE is always striving to evolve and grow into dimensions yet unseen. This property of LIFE is shared by everything that is contained in it; living and non-living. The reason why your neighbour will spend late nights in Bars and Lounges drinking liquor is the same reason you would rather spend that same time watching African Magic Yoruba which is also the same reason I would rather stay back in my Library to dig up materials. It’s called LIFE. Life seeks to always EXPRESS itself to the best of it’s knowledge and desires.
All that is present in life has the RIGHT to every kind of unfolding and enlargement it is capable of. That’s why we are all striving to KNOW more, BELIEVE more, DO more, EARN more, OWN more and GIVE more. We are not too different from each other afterall.
Ever wondered why a Goat will keep coming back to your Yam after numerous times of sending it away? It simply wants MORE, the same thing you want. MORE! It’s the same reason Robert Mugabe won’t leave power in Zimbabwe. It’s called LIFE; seeking to unfold per-time to the best of it’s ‘knowledge’ and desires.

This Article was written as part of InspireNaija Series on HZM by:
(C) ‘Dimeji Mudele
• All Rights Reserved

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