#HZMMusic: Oxygene ft GT Da Guitarman -I Wan Marry

Oxygene's albumart

Oxygene, made up of brothers; Oyeleke Oyedayo (@Oxygeneleke) and
Oyeleye Oyedayo (@oxygene_leye) should not be a strange name to any
student in the southwestern part of Nigeria, after churning out campus
hits like, Durotimi, me &U and ladies favourite S’oda. The duo, which
write, produce, mix and master their songs personally and are
currently unsigned are back with a new single:  I wan Marry on which
they feature GT the Guitarman. I can see this song easily becoming the
official wedding anthem for this year with the life instrumental and
easy way both the host and featured artistes handled the delivery.
Oxygeneleke is a fresh University of Ibadan graduate while Oxygeneleye
is almost done at the same university himself. And wen we spoke to
Oxygeneleke, dis was wat he said: “well I am Oyedayo Oyeleke, that is,
my initials,O+O= O2 which is oxygene and he is Oyedayo Oyeleye another
O2 and he is Oxygene too, therefore he is oxygene and I am oxygene and
together we are oxyGENE. The ‘e’ at d end is to play on the word to
show genetic bond there. The ‘xy’ signifies the male chromosome.
Capish? *smile*”….. dat’s some deep acada name..but not surprising
considering the fact that the boys are both among the top five of
their various departments. These boys want their music to be the musical air
you breathe. Do you think they can? Share your view.

oxygene on hzm


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