The referee is still God, so trust him.
The time allotted still 6 months, so you can make it.
The player is still you, so its about what you want and what you don’t. You see what you say, so speak right and you will see right.
The ball is still your dreams and visions, play it on time and play it right.
The jersey is still Grace, it will give you a leverage than your opponent.
The energy boost required is still Faith, drink it, live it and result will be massive.
The linesmen are the Angels still, they won’t allow you fall out of destiny, trust them.
The field of play is still ‘This World’, but the commentator is in heaven, hear His voice and shun distractions.
The spectators remains your generation, the earnest expectation of creation awaits the manifestation of the SONS of God, so you can still MANIFEST.
The coach remains your MENTORS and SPIRITUAL FATHERS, listen to their directions and your strategies will yield result.
The team mates will never change, Hope,Patience,Love,Grace,Faith,Prayers,Praise,Righteousness,Courage,Wisdom… Don’t do it alone, they will carry you through.

Are you ready to WIN?
Are you ready to SCORE?
Are you ready to STAND OUT?
Are you ready to carry the TROPHY?

Change your strategies.
Dare to dream again and run to see it happen.
Don’t waste time and stop procrastinating.
Nobody celebrates failure but success is louder than a trumpet. Make your sound.
It is only in this world that whatever goes up must come down, in our referees principles, when you go UP you stay UP. Don’t fall back.

This article was Written by: Akinsiku Abiodun Johnson (Artistic Director, Homezone Media)

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