Africa will flow,
The stream will go
Unend, it will blow
colours shaded in mysteries.
Let the pride grow
For Africa will thrive
On this soil Aduke,
we will drink still.

Tell those vultures
Who fly across our fruits
To stay off for we can grow our fruits
Tell those who rip off and rape this land
To watch their feet for this land will swallow them.

Aduke, tell those who claim ‘mothers of Africa’
That this land was birthed on heroes
Unknown to their fathers.

Aduke, embrace this chord
From Soweto to the heart of Kenya
Let Nigeria buy her pride
On the floor of unity in this stream.
Bring omoniyun to the stream
And let us all meet on the dance floor
Of the Zulu’s.
Let the warriors hold their weapons
But not to kill but to guide this stream.
This stream will fill us,
Africa will survive.

Written by Akinsiku Abiodun (Artistic Director, Homezone Media)

This is the concluding part to the #HZMPOEM: AFRICA…ADUKE I.
To read the previous part, click here: http://t.co/oGY7SDq8M8

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