Baby Girl Abandoned Inside Public Waste

Wonders shall never seize to happen in our dear Nigeria. As a blogger and news aficionado I won’t see a crowd gathered without trying to know WHY?

Moving closer to the scene, only to get reports that it was a case of an abandoned baby. Quickly I brought out my iPhone hoping to get first hand images of a live baby, and then I realized the baby was shot-putted into the huge road side public waste tank along Ace Bentley on (Lagos-Badagry Expressway)
I saw people climbing up the summit of the waste tank to take pictures, so I passed my phone to someone already up the tank to help me take these pictures I’m sharing with you. Lo and behold the baby was already gone.

From all indications, this baby is female and was already dead as at 27th day of June when discovered still looking well-dressed, fresh and beautiful.

Why do women find it easy to commit acts like this?

How can a parent do this? 

Lord have mercy on this country!


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