The BIG secret of LIFE

“The BIG secret of LIFE is that there is no BIG secret” – Abiola Champ Salami

I have seen people get behind the lectern to teach funny topics. They complicate things that should be as simple as boiling an egg. You see them teach “100 principles of Influence”, “750 tools of GREATNESS” and the likes. Life is not that complicated my brother. If there are indeed 1000 rules of success, then we will all die failures. Who amongst us can boast of such discipline to even obey the 10 commandments? Haba! Not to now talk of the uncountable rules some people postulate and try to impose on us.

There is just one RULE which is that there are no RULES. Ok.. Maybe there is the GOLDEN RULE.
And what’s the Golden RULE? The GOLDEN RULE states that “the man that has the GOLD makes the RULE”. All still boiling down to the same thing. “There are no rules”. There is no point thinking outside the BOX. The BOX in itself does not EXIST.
Think freely, Innovate , break GROUNDS.

This Article was written as part of InspireNaija Series on HZM by:
(C) ‘Dimeji Mudele
He is specially Wishing his Tutor Mr Niyi Adesanya a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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