On the streams whispering palm
We walked hand in hand
Decades before I knew me

We peeped at the stream.
Whispers of your soft sonorous sound re-echoes

At this stream Aduke
I sing and smile at you
It was first the music of waka like of waltz

On my way we peeped eye to eye
Down the stream path covered with light
The water covers our eyes
Like a grip in the Shaolin temple
I felt a thick drums of feet in my eyes
We drink…drink…drink
Till our belly rumbles.

My name is Ajani Agbabiaka
Like a shell covers a snail,
I trail you Aduke
To the stream where rose bed buds
Ewa bi okin
Blacks cannot be bleaked
We bake the beans of the future
How can gods make roses
Among streams of buds?
How could Athena have placed the rose
In the closet of my heart?
Aduke adun, bi aadun

Let me hold you again
For the touch tickles my heart
Let me hold you to my chest
For its warm to cuddle you.

Shake the ‘ileke’ to the stream
And fetch the water you need.
Your body ,scented with locust beans
Like a Dolce ‘n’ Gabbana perfume
We do not hide who we are
We are who we are
For we are true and real

No more will we be
In the cage of Euro superstition
Africa is the stream
The water is the soul to our heritage
Drink, Aduke and give your child Omoniyun
Let it link till we find our trace
To the words of oluwo
Let it link till we find our trace
To the words of oduduwa.

Aduke, this water should flow
But to drink…drink…drink
Bring down the fruit
This day is to peel and eat
This day Aduke is dance

Remember not those who raped this land
Africa, tyrants like heroes
But their legacies rendered zero
Together we will clean out
Their records with this water from the stream.

To be continued…

Written by Akinsiku Abiodun (Artistic Director, Homezone Media)

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