I’m baffled by how much Nigerians are struggling to travel to ‘ANY’ country that has ‘WHITE’ inhabitants, regardless of what the name of the country is.  There seems to be connection between being white and having blossoming economy, functioning governmental systems and happier lives. This is made more obvious by the amount of Nigerians who register to get participate in the VISA lotteries that are made available on a yearly basis. To the average Nigerian, winning a VISA lottery is more valuable than getting a college degree. The negativities dominating are systems have made it such that we choose to give up on any possibility and potential for changes and positive upswings on the home front. The GRASS on this side of the world is supposedly dry. Hence, the need to shift our grazing paradigms to GREENER pastures.

Not bad we are moving to greener pastures. But the fact remains that any pasture can be GREEN if it is watered, pruned and tended. Greatness is not a place, it is a people.  The results, character, competencies and structures we see in 1stworld nations are not to be “WOWED” at, they are pointers and indicators to how much potentials exist in our own system.


Year have gone by and we have had more and more people move to greener pasture in the UK, USA, Germany and the likes, what can we show for the “GREEN-NESS” that how people have been going to be part of? What leverages and platforms are we creating for our children by going abroad to make the whole money, even when the country they will live in is structured to position them for failure? What are we doing?

I am not in any way saying it’s bad to travel out, far from it. What I am saying is when we travel to such 1st world communities, we should study their solutions, systems, strategies, science and structures so we can reproduce such results on the home front, with little additions to fit our cultural and local uniqueness in execution.  That’s the only way we won’t be left behind in a fast paced world.

It’s high time we look at how we can water our own pastures such that our children will wake up to a country they can truly call their own. Else, we will be so POOR; all we will have is MONEY but no LEGACIES for the generations coming behind.



This Article was Written by:

‘Dimeji Mudele
Your Effectiveness strategist
Twitter handle: @cutemude
BB: 27AE5829
© June, 2013
As part of the Inspired Naija Series on HZM



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