2face Appeals to Government to Pay More Attention to Our Schools

2face in Govt House

Nigerian pop icon, 2face, has called on the government to pay more attention to schools and education in the country.

2baba made the call in Lagos on his return from a month-long musical tour of five Nigerian universities.

He lamented the level of decay of most of the infrastructure in most of our universities and appealed to the Federal Government to take action.

He said: “Our schools need some serious support from government. Many of the facilities there are dilapidated and outdated and that is very sad.

“The government is quite capable of raising everything up to the standards they should be all they need to do is to pay a little bit more attention to our schools and we will all see the improvements.

“It’s not the job of a single individual. There’s nothing much I can do single-handedly except talk about it so that the appropriate authorities would take notice.

“I would also encourage other artistes to take the shows to the school so that the students can feel us more.”

Prior to the tour, 2baba had told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in an interview, that he hoped to be able to inspire the students with his music during the tour said he achieved that aim.

“We took the show to the schools because it’s been long since I last performed in the schools and you know it’s a bit difficult for most students to make it to my shows or other good musical concerts.

“This is because of the ticket costs which are usually in thousands. Only a few schools are in Lagos here, where most of the shows hold, and the students cannot also afford to pay us and host the shows in their schools.

Performing in the schools was a wonderful experience—the students were excited in all the schools we went. The few of them that I spoke with wanted more.

“They wanted us to visit their schools again and even begged me to influence other artistes to come and perform in their schools.

“I am already talking to a number of artistes and encouraging them to take the music and shows to the universities because the universities are very important sections of the society,” he said.

Idibia who is an alumnus of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu narrated his feelings on arrival at the school after so many years for his tour.

“Visiting IMT again was the highest point of it all for me. The students welcomed me as a hero and gave me gifts. The rector also presented me with an award and gifts from the school authorities.

“I just want them to know that I am very grateful and that I am here for them. I will continue to represent the school honourably in all I do and will make myself available to them whenever they need me,” he said.

Idibia also disclosed that he would be visiting and performing in more university campuses.

“This is just the first phase of the Campus Connect: 2face and friends tour. We are still looking at visiting more schools soon in the second phase it’s just that there’s no timeline for it yet,” he said.

The singer who recently wedded his long-time girlfriend, Annie Macauley, had this to say about marriage:

“Marriage feels good. The major difference there is that I have to be more responsible than I was before but it’s fun being married. It’s not as scary as people make it sound; people made it sound like imprisonment but it is not.”

The just concluded first phase of the “Campus Connect: 2face and Friends Tour 2013” had 2face and his crew visiting and performing at the campuses of the universities of Benin, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and IMT Enugu.




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