GROW through life…. Decide NOW!



The quality of your life is a product of your choices. You have a
responsibility as an individual to create and sustain the quality of
future you prefer. Nobody will do this for you. I have seen people
complain through life when they could actually change their fortunes
by making the right choices. Nobody will choose for you in life. Take

The challenges of life are only there to stimulate your growth, if
only you will have the right perspective. You can grow into any future
you so desire.

As individuals, we are always quick to defer the big decisions until
things get better. We make statements like: “When I get promoted at
work, I will begin to add more value”. “When things get better, I will
begin to set goals”. “When I grow up, I will start investing”.

Well, the truth is if you don’t start adding value now, you might
never be promoted. If you don’t start setting goals now, things will
never get better. If you don’t start investing, you will never grow
up. There is a difference between growing and aging. AGING is by
nature, GROWTH is by nurture. The future fast evades the man who
defers the big decision until tomorrow.
If you are not so disciplined at the level you are, why should life
give you much more? Deep! But true. Ask yourself! Look here…… “The
day you grow bigger than your current level, life will automatically
promote you”. Simple!

I have learnt that the major lessons we need to learn in life are so
simple; too simple to be true. But that’s it, Life is simple if you
will be willing pay keen attention to its lessons and take action



This Article was Written by:

‘Dimeji Mudele
Your Effectiveness strategist
Twitter handle: @cutemude
BB: 27AE5829
© June, 2013
As part of the Inspired Naija Series on HZM


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