Truly, ‘twas the freest and fairest
As we inked the paper willingly
Along with our collective conscience
To vote the man
Who gave happiness to our hearts

The World knew him:
From the north to east
And from south to west

Together we stood
Cheering, here and yonder
Abiola! We cheered him
Even his enemies
Nodded to his victory

Until the khaki people came
With a new tune: “annulled!”
The World stilled, in sorrowful silence

Clouds wailed in loud voice as angry sun shone
And our tears together flowed
Into a bottomless pit
The whisper of deceit
Is louder than the wailing of truth

Certainly, our grimacing faces may later smile

522218_423004854433130_678101489_n                                                                                 Written by: Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

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