Introducing SELAH Inspirational

It’s time to buildup your writing skills as SELAH inspirational; a
brand strategy firm offers an email training program to help get you
started as a writer, put the needed finesse into your writings, spark
up your creativity, open you up to enterprise opportunities in
writing/blogging and equip you finally get that your dream book
published and sold-out.

In this extensive 10 day email course, you would learn:
1. The beginners induction; how to actually start writing. (Sharing
mypersonal story)
2. How to spark off your creativity and improve your writing skills.
3. How to kill writers bloc, once, for all and forever .
4. How to generate topics for books and blogs.
5. 3 critical essentials of journalism to inculcate in all your write ups.
6. How to develop a book manuscript in less than 2 weeks( hot hot).
7. Practical steps to Self publishing and distributive marketing
8. Career and enterprise options available to 21st century writers in Nigeria.

Training commences 23rd June, 2013. There will be practical sessions,
teasers, questions, even a PROJECT. Participants will be able to
contact the trainer (Tochi Eze, Lead Communication Strategist at SELAH
inspirational) directly via email with all of their writing challenges
and get feedback, without worries about restraint of time and space.
All you will have to do is to get in your mail everyday of the
training, download your materials, study and ask questions.
All these for a token of #3000 (or #2,500 for getting the information
through this blog)
You don”t want to be left out.
For more information and payment details, contact;
The admin of HomeZoneMedia Blog
‘Dimeji Mudele, Lead strategist at CuteMude Consulting; an affiliate
firm to SELAH inspirational on this training, via on on BBM; 27AE5829

Or simply contact Tochi Eze directly on (Put the
referral code “MUDE” in your mail and state that you got the info from
this blog to get your discount)


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