Lil Kim Wears A Neck Brace After Her Car Accident

Lil Kim had a traffic run-in that’s left her sporting a new accessory. The 38-year-old rapper reportedly suffered whiplash from a minor car accident. “Hi my luvs. I’m ok minor car accident that left me w/ whip Lash,” she tweeted to her over 877,000 followers Monday. “Now I’m stuck wearing this stupid brace 4 a week and a half but I’ll be fine.”

Fans in the Twitterverse quickly shared the news of Kim’s injury, and she was thankful for their support. “Thank u all for ur prayers and support I love u all God is Great! #mykillerbeehive,” she wrote. The Notorious K.I.M.’s most recent appearance was at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on June 2. Rumors immediately began circulating about the possiblity that she may have undergone plastic surgery after viewers were shocked by her look. But it’s not the first time speculation about surgical procedures have arisen about the Brooklyn-born rapper. Kim previously shot down reports she’s gone under the knife via Twitter, pointing to “years & years they have been photoshopping pics of me & sabotaging my image,” after questionable photos surfaced in February.

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