Exclusive Interview With Kenny K’ore

Today we have an Artist i so much respect and love, a brother, Uncle, Please borrow me more English.
He’s been doing a tremendous job in the gospel scene and his never a name to push aside. Today We have Egbon K’ore in the building.


A former member of the multiple award winning gospel group Infinity, and with songs like Infinity’s “Olorioko” and “Aye Ole” to his credit, Kenny is a gifted and versatile songwriter, a man of great passion who loves God, a unique gospel minister, and a musician with a rare and unique kind of creativity and artistry. Currently exploring wider creative possibilities as a solo artiste, Kenny believes in bridging the extremities between art and spirit. His affinity for alternative rock music, ‘afrocentric vocalisms’ and strong use of the Yoruba language garnishes his sound. Furthermore, he believes that gospel artistes are strong tools of evangelism and that gospel music should remain at the forefront of kingdom expansion.

His first album as a solo artist was released in 2009 titled ELEDUMARE. With the hit tracks “So More” (are you grateful?) and “Yanibo”, (the story of the seductress whose cunny ways were overcomed by a faithful husband’s loyalty to his marriage) the album spread like wild fire in many people’s hands, speedily increasing his popularity in Nigeria, especially among the youths. With an increased demand for more from Kenny, ELEDUMARE was repackaged with three additional songs, ~ “Yalako”, “Official Baby” and “Press On” and in 2010 ‘ELEDUMARE RELOADED’ was released. Both albums are presently blessing lives and affecting people positively for God’s kingdom all over Nigeria.
A tremendous supporter of gospel music, Kenny continues to collaborate and work alongside his counterparts including but not limited to Psalmos, Laitan Dada, Tim Godfrey and the Extreme Crew, J Lyricist, Ibitayo Jeje, Mairo, Henri Soul, to name but a few. The 2010 nominee for Gospel Artist of the year from Nigeria Entertainment Awards(US based) aspires to make history as a man who served God’s purpose in his time and an accomplished musician of legendary repute, leaving behind a musical legacy.

Read My Interview With Kenny K’ore Below

#InspireSunday: Hello, its nice to have you here sir, we would like you to answer a few questions for our esteemed readers of #InspireSunday
K’ore: It would be my Pleasure..

#InspireSunday: For You, How Would You Describe WORSHIP?
K’ore: Worship is any and every act of wilful, deliberate submission to the will of GOD.
Worship isn’t slow gospel music.
There is no prayer without worship, and there is no worship without prayer. It is a lifestyle.

#InspireSunday: Huum What a Great definition, What/Where Is/Do You draw Inspirations For Your Music?
K’ore: Inspiration is everywhere around us. In the good, and the bad, in successes and failures etc. I get my inspirations from the word of GOD.

#InspireSunday: Sir Our Readers Would Like to Know How Long You have been in the Gospel Industry.
K’ore: I have been doing gospel music professionally now, it’s 16\17yrs running.

#InspireSunday: Wow, such a long time ago, Since 16/17 yrs till this Moment,how can you Describe her[Gospel Industry] Growth?
K’ore: To stay with the fundamentals, There isn’t a gospel industry in Nigeria, that said, our music is getting better produced, and we’re getting more international recognition.
The down side of that however is distribution remains a pain in the neck.

#InspireSunday: For me its being a while i heard from you, likewise some of our readers, when are we hearing something new from you?
K’ore: My sophomore is already out in Nigeria, [lagos to be precise]. And we are working on doing our best to get the distribution around as much as we can, considering the limitations in that sphere.
The album is titled NOAH, after the bible character of the same name.
I explored different genre from Eledumare classic. If people can play My previous album back to back with NOAH, then I would have achieved what I set out for.

#InspireSunday: After so much Success, What is your Advice to Upcoming Gospel Acts?
K’ore: Anyone who wants to do gospel music should do it because they love the art of music, they are proficient to a marketable level, and especially because they want to live the christian life in spirit and in truth.

#InspireSunday: We really appreciate your time with Us, we want to say a very big thank You.
K’ore: Thank you for considering me for the interview. I am delighted


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