Security expert urges JTF to focus on hunt for weapons of mass destruction

Renown security expert, Dr. Ona Ekhomu has advised Nigerian military authorities to focus on search for weapons of mass destruction in order to cripple the capability of terrorists to carry out spectacular attacks in the country.

Aggressive searches and seizures of weapon would greatly limit the ability of terrorists to carry out bombings, shootings, killings and maiming.

Reacting to the seizure this week of a large cache of arms on Gaya Street, Bompai Kano, Ekhomu said that Nigeria was under grave threat from weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). He said that it was unfortunate that foreigners were always implicated in plans to undermine Nigerian security.  Adding that it was totally unacceptable for a foreigner to sell dangerous weapons in Nigeria including surface to air missiles that could constitute grave threat to Nigerian civil aviation.

Ekhomu, who is also Chairman of the School of Management and Security in Lagos commended the Joint (Military) Task Force (JTF) on the large arms haul and urged security agents to expand the search for weapons throughout the country.  He said that the JTF team that made the arms seizure should be rewarded to motivate other service personnel to exhibit greater alertness in the search for weapons of mass destruction.

Ekhomu decried the extremely porous nature of Nigeria’s land, air and sea borders which make it possible for dangerous weapons to be smuggled into the country. He urged border security agents to exhibit more dedication, professionalism and patriotism in their work in order to interdict dangerous weapons.

Dr. Ekhomu who is the first chartered security professional in West Africa, advised Federal government to provide reward monies for information about arms caches to informants.  “Such reward money will ensure a constant flow of tips on arms caches”, he added.

According to the security expert a threat matrix is made up of intention, motivation and capability.  The capability is the most important as it involves weapons.  “If the weapon is taken away, then the terrorist would be toothless bulldog,” he added.

Culled from the Vanguard


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