This rain that holds ‘its’ moist
It speaks as it breezes free
Threats of winds beclouds the earth.

The fine sand unveils your fine face
Yet we yell your name…
CHIMERENMA (God do you well)
Or rather God make you BAM!
D date…6th June,2013.

Chia ochi…:)
Cheeks filled with pleasant shrimps.
‘Chi’ gladly soothes your chin in glitz
Amamihe…resplendent and woo it smells.
Words with wits wells your well of wisdom,
Yet you beam yoke that makes ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ yawn(=|
Smile to them that turn more than once,
Wave at them that winks like wails;) ,
Run to the arms that balm your cold.
This rain MUST fall
For this day comes with much fun.

Omalicha nwa…
Feels like a muo mmiri from the deep blue sea.
Will this rain return as it roars?
Wow… Ahu oma mmuo mmirigi,
Leaves the leave lying low,
Mouths mute ‘miri’ flows.
Gosim ebe ihunanya bi.
If it lives, then its you.
If its true, then its you.
If its you, then ibu onye ana achoacho.

Gbaram egwu…
With your thin thick thrilling tongue.
Gbaram ‘n’ rock to stupor (Lamba\=D/)

This rain doesn’t just rush,
It rains rhythm of rock.
Roll the firm base of your gait…’Gbaram’.

This rain wraps my memory lame
Ijiri ji nta kiri nke na awukwa sim
Like the star of he, birthed among sheep.
It rain rolls of moments we met

Kwuru otuebe nosike
Wave your long-lin fingers at them
Chia ochi omalicha
For this rain,rains your name…

Let this rain get you wet,
For in it you will find my warm arm stretched.
Let this rain wrap you too,
For in it memories ring.
Let this rain flood you free,
For it leads to a place called HOME!
This rain….:)

Written by: Akinsiku Abiodun Moses
Artistic Director: Homezone Media
Dedicated to: Anosike Sylvia Chimerenma (Picture Above)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARIE. A creative Piece from HZM.

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