6 days to party, and no Publicity Materials? What sort of party would you expect??? University of Ibadan exam time-table was so irregular, assignments, fieldwork, term papers here and there…and more recently; the ban placed on rave parties by the University Management. The organisers of the event almost postpone the party. It seemed so impossible. But when D’KingsMen speak, they don’t rescind. Read what Prince Wale Blaze™, the C.E.O of Trailblazers said about the Party after the cut:

“Having been in the game for about 4 years, I said to myself; dude, u can even do a party with a day publicity. I decided to hold on to DKM, I decided to play with my academics cos I shouda travelled on the 18th, “Morning of DKM” for the fieldwork. I started contacting D’KingsMen from all over the federation. We printed flierz n stickerz 5 days to the party, who does that??? @Joshie_Blaze @Zanga_Blaze @Sucre (able & commendable Trailblazers) amplified publicity for the party. Grand Generals; @Blaze_Tee @Kay_Blaze @Brewzy_Blaze upped their games as well. I must personally commend the efforts of @Brewzy_Blaze particularly. Mehn! That dude’s a club material. Thank God I recruited him. *laughs* Okay, a party was meant to hold a night before, yh? I wasn’t bothered abt. that. My influence would make the difference. More so, I couldn’t have lost being with the best team!!! @exactly 9:00pm on Saturday, 18th May, we started up the convoy in front of achievers hostel to avoid UI authorities. @ abt 12:00am on Sunday, the convoy left for KokoDome.”

At the Party, (DKingsMen party at Kokodome); there were sexy divas…and cool Guys “even regular” Full house!!! At some point, what I noticed was that People didn’t care about where they’ll be, Regular or VIP… That’s what you call a sellout!!!

The organiser of the Party (DKM) Trailblazer Entertainment sincerely appreciates everyone that attended the party and all that supported them in one way or another.

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