Zorah is an Undergraduate in the Most Prestigious University in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, she hails from Ondo State-South West Nigeria. Her biological name is Ogunbodede Bukola, First out of four children, Lover of good music, with role models like; Beyonce, Omawunmi, Waje, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston , and Adele. With over 300 songs written, Zorah is set to take the World by storm. With her incredible vocal range and texture, she’s giving a lot of people a run for there money, come 2014. This upcoming star has been a part of the musical talent show ‘Nigerian Idol’ where she made it to the semi-finals. She has be on stage with the likes of Wizkid, MI, May-D, Roof Top mc’s and so many other stars. She has shown that aside from her evident talent, she has a style that is exquisite and timeless. With singles like Ablaze, Girl from Lagos, and the current Burna Boy Cover, She is part of the Phat Crew Family (not a record label) and she is currently shooting the video for the burna cover. Zorah has definitely given the whole World something to look out for. Here is the download link for her Burna Cover single http://t.co/K3doZBMdkH

Download and Enjoy it



  1. Zorah zorah zorah, she is a very talented up coming artis dat will deliver 4 all nations of dis continent 2 see, Thanks 2 u all.

    1. Etz so 9c 2 see pple wt d prefix ‘ogun’ behind our surname in dz present century………m also in2 unibadan, av gat a cool voice n i also love blues lyk bukola, guess ets a fmly’s tin.

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