Breaking News: U.I. on Fire Again?

News reaching us confirm that there was a fire outbreak in Tedder Hall (Accomodation Hostel), University of Ibadan. The outbreak started around 4:30am this Morning. The Fire was enstinguished by the Men from the Fire Service. HZM visited the Hostel this morning to take snapshots but the Porters and Security Agents barricaded the entrance, restricting people from gaining entrance. See the report of Mr Toba Bankole (comrade), a Student of the University concerning the incidence in which he posted on the Student Union Facebook group Page after the cut:

“So I learnt from a student on the social media
that while fire raged and burnt down structures
at Tedder Hall, students took to their heels. The
student in his write-up went on to ask why
University of Ibadan had no fire-fighting
services… Firstly, I sympathize with those who
have lost properties in the fire incident and I
pray God would give them the strength to bear
the lost. Now, this incident reminds me of the
Faculty of Arts fire incident some time last
year. It happened that I was on campus to make
an appointment I had with some persons. It was
also a time during one of those breaks that was
imposed on students after the OccupyUI
demonstration. I was about to leave campus that
evening when we had that a section of the
Faculty of Arts was on fire. Immediately I got
the News, I stormed the scene at Faculty of
Arts and on my way to the scene, I wished
students were on campus which could have
allowed us to mobilize en-mass on a mission to
put out the fire. On arriving the scene, I met
very few people, spectating, on-looking and
trying to put calls through. I saw heavy smoke
brewing out of the roofs and windows but really
didn’t see the fire. I looked around and saw few
UItes who were also members of the Man O’
War, UI chapter. Every entrance and exit into
the particular floor where the fire raged were
under heavy security locks with iron gates and
gigantic padlocks. There were no fire-fighting
equipments. But the fire had just broken out and
was threatening to spread to other parts of the
building. Some UI Security men (Abefele)
arrived the scene at the point when I and the
few students on ground had found a means to
gain access right into the building to rescue
properties and documents which we could from
places near the fire. As we were packing out
stuffs from offices, I sighted my Hall Warden,
Dr. Opeyemi Ajewole, popularly known as Iroko.
He waved at me from a distance with his camera
around his neck, while he helped to coordinate
every effort towards stopping the fire. Few
minutes later, men from the Oyo State Fire
Service, popularly called “pana-pana” among the
grassroot Yorubas, arrived with their water-
filled tanks, about two tanks, and other
equipment which were used in breaking walls and
obstuctions. For the next two hours, a combined
team of UITES and Oyo State Fire-fighters
together put out the fire. I remember vividly, I
and the Man O’war guys were “inside” the fire,
breaking walls to allow escape of massive smoke
from the building, holding out our phone torch to
help the fire-fighters to see clearly and target
the big hose with water at the fire spots, and
cutting off electric cables connected to
electrical appliances. Though we were not
experienced fire-fighters, we were mere
courageous men who were willing to protect our
collective belongings from falling into ruins and
our efforts contributed to the ease at which the
threatening fire was put out which could have
taken a longer time and led to greater loss. At
the end of the fire service, I and other guys
were wet from head to toe, my face and entire
body including the cloth I was wearing had turn
black, my jean trousers was dripping with water,
the fire service men thanked us and I had
respiratory disorders for the next few days. I
proceeded to wash my hands, legs and face by
the tap at the back of Faculty of Arts Lecture
Theatre and left campus off to my house since I
couldn’t risk staying over on campus as a result
of the forced evacuation of students from the
Halls of residence at that time. The lesson here
is that students should not fold their arms when
things happen around them. Students must
should see themselves as a body being looked up
to by every strata of the society and they
should be responsible to selves and society.
Above all, no matter the what, we must see
University of Ibadan as belonging to the Public,
to every Nigerian, to all of us, and labour to
protect its beauty, its pride, its culture and its
glory. UI belongs to us all… Of the Greatest

Updates will be done as soon as more news get to us

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