EVENT UPDATE: edgeCONFERENCE, May special edition; With samNEYE

edge conference

Today Friday 24th and Tomorrow Saturday 25th of May ’13

By 5:30pm Today and 11am  Tomorrow

Venue: Love’s Domain Family hall,
Aroma building, Opp. BTO event centre,
Ilesa garage. Akure.

I will be taking a two session teaching on BEYOND THE VEIL, you know, it’s high time we began experiencing all that Jesus’ finished work has to offer.

We all can now come boldly to His throne of Grace, where we can find all we need to be fulfilled in life and destiny. We have an high priest who had giving us direct access to the father…

You need this in the quest for your identity, assignment in life and destiny. There’s an opening already to the manufacturer, common!!! Let’s TRANSIT… BEYOND THE VEIL.

I will be on the look out for you…

I am samNEYE and I’m busy raising a purpose conscious generation.

purposedbydesign Inc®
ff @samNEYE
 2657DE87
samneye.ng@gmail.com, purposeman2000@yahoo.com



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