Mimiko U-18 tournament to expose talents

| credits: Punch

Organisers of the Mimiko Under-18 International Football Tournament have said that the competition is designed to help scout and expose budding talents within Nigeria. The event has been tagged MISTON 2013 – Mimiko International Soccer Tournament.

The Vice Chairman of the Local Organising Committee for the competition Mr. Akin Akinbobola  told The PUNCH that the competition had been set up to encourage the young ones going into football to get the needed exposure under the right atmosphere as it is certain that not everybody can be a medical doctor, trader of engineer.

He said, “The major target is to put together talents of Ondo (State) to compete against other Nigerians and Africans with the aim to expand their vision, properly expose them and of course help develop their talents.

“We are aware that not all players may eventually find their way to the top of the game but our determination is to help expose them under the right setting and invite those that can help take up to higher places.”

By the larger design, the event which is holding under the auspices of Caring Heart Foundation will feature 16 teams with the tournament holding from June 5 to 16 in Akure and two other towns in the state. Teams are not only expected from across the country but also from some other African and European countries. As at Thursday youth teams from Turkey, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Togo had almost completed their registration processes for the event which is holding in its first edition. There are also four teams from Ondo and 8 others from different states in the country.

Apart from the trophy the winners will take home $7,000; $5,000 for the second best team and $3,000 for the third team.

Culled from Punch

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