EVENT: HEternal Entertainment, Lagos Presents MADE IN NIGERIA 2013

images‘’Thousands of young Nigerians have traveled abroad in search of greener pastures that hardly exist. We can make our own land green for the present and unborn generation of Nigeria because we live in a society of broken dreams and false promises. We can ignite the dreams of our fellow compatriots. IF WE BELIEVE, WE CAN ACHIEVE ‘’ – AdedejiAlebiosu.

On May 29th 2013, Throne of Grace will welcome approximately 1,800 (one thousand, eight hundred) enthusiastic young, patriotic and enterprising Nigerians for the event. The date was picked because of the significance attached to it in our national calendar which is also a public holiday. The event is scheduled to kick-off by 5pm with red carpet at 4pm. It is exclusively free with refreshments and souvenirs.



Our target audience for the ‘’MADE IN NIGERIA’’ is opened to Young adults and the general public.


The ‘’MADE IN NIGERIA’’ has been structured in a format that enables attendees to linger for more with varieties of activities scheduled to take place are: motivational   speaking, drama (stage play), music, comedy, dance, poetry and are highlighted as below

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING: Our role of call of speakers isseasoned, renowned, and highly influentialIndividuals who have carved a niche for themselves by making the difference positively in their respected fields.

DRAMA (stage play): To be presented by a team of individuals who have delivered entertaining, mind blowing and highly educative presentations and have demonstrated the need for nation building in their presentations over time.

MUSIC: To be performedby individuals that hasexhibited high sensitivity to patriotism and nation building.

COMEDY: To be anchored by highly entertaining individuals who by their profession entertain, educate, and continually lay emphasis on the need for nation building.

DANCE: To be performed by Individuals who have delivered entertaining, mind blowing performances and have shown high form of sensitivity to patriotism and nation building.

POETRY: To be recited by a seasoned poet that has distinguished himself/herself as an advocate of nation building and development by his/her works.

made in naija

For details on Sponsorship, participation and other inquiries, please contact :



HEternal Entertainment

08020404384, 08159700899



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