What happens when D’KingsMen gather in the palace?

Who are D’KingsMen? These questions will be answered after exams in the Palace by D’KingsMen themselves. They’ll reveal themselves with their glorious bottles. Bottles of Victory!!! Their faces will not be covered cos they aint ashamed of who they are…They’re D’KingsMen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe they are the famous ballers, the popular divas, the sexy bartenders, those nerds in ur class, those Malay boys, the OBOs, super sexy gurls, this you’ll find out…
Come party with us as we Unravel the Untold stories of the famous rulers of the City. It’s D’KingsMen rave party baby and it’s the Official Unibadan after exams party.

Date: 18th May, 2013.
Palace: KokoDome Nite Club, Dugbe, Ibadan.
Tax: Chiefs; 2K NGN. KingsMen; 4K NGN.
(Free for ladies)
Free transportation for all.
Free accommodation for all from outside Ib.
Maximum security guaranteed.
Convoy leaves UI gate 11:00 GMT +1 W. Central Africa.

In every man, there’s a drop of greatness! Come, stake ur claim for a place in the royal dynasty!!!
Wishing y’all goodluck in ya exams.

Prince Wale Blaze™
The Renowned Entertainment Publicist.


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