Tee-Y Mix Presents: April Tunes Day

3 Fools 4 April
3 Fools 4 April (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Come the 1st of April 2013, Tee-Y Mix will be celebrating the month of April. Tee-Y Mix wishes to announce the start of a new trend. “April fools day” will now be known as “April Tunes Day”.


This is going to be an annual event where fans are engaged in various activities such that on every 1st of April, people anticipate an April Tunes activity. Continue…


For the entire month of April, 2013 Tee-Y Mix: the A-list Nigerian Music producer will be running an online singing duo competition to find Nigeria’s newest singing sensation. In addition, a Tuberculosis awareness campaign song will be produced by Tee-Y Mix to be released on the 24th of April (World’s TB Day).


To participate in the singing competition, all you need to do is:


  • Pair with a friend or a family member to form a DUO,
  • Compose a short song with the theme: Friends Forever,
  • Make a video using a phone or any video recording device without special effects or editing
  • Then upload on the website beginning from the 1st of April.


The website will be launched by Tee-Y Mix on the 1st of April. Watch out on social media platforms as well as radio stations in Lagos.


Once you’ve uploaded your video, make sure you get your friends and family to view and vote for you as many times as possible (In other words, campaign for vote). The more votes you get, the higher your chances of winning. Note, votes carry 40% of total judges’ score.


Judges are Kefee, Mannie, Sound Sultan, Tosyn Bucknor and Waje.


By the 15th of April the 10 clips with the highest views and votes will be announced to enter for the final stage. At this point, the 10 finalist duo groups will be invited to record an acoustic verison of a self composed song which will be video recorded and uploaded on the website for voting.


Only ONE duo being the winner will be rewared with a handsome cash prize and a music production contract with Tee-Y Mix.


Don’t miss out in this amazing opportunity and be part of the first edition of ‘April Tunes’ brought to you by the Tunes’ man: Tee-Y Mix.


Follow @teeymix on twitter or on Facebook : www.facebook.com/likeTeeYMix for more details.





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