With love from the Ivory Queen, University of Ibadan

In conjunction with intra-campus kings,queens,princes and princesses…..

Thank you to everyone who shared this vision on Thursday. The quick donations mean a lot to us and you are amazingly beautiful at heart to have given even as spontaneous at it seemed.
Its February now; and the project is 13days away….’ a day we will dedicate to spreading a touch of love in the streets’
yet again: we will be around your halls of residence from Monday to have your material donations of all kind! Cash donations as well.

What do you think they need and you can offer despite the fact that you need it too?

My dear, the right attitude to giving is giving what costs you a whole lot. There is this painful sensation that I can interpret which doesn’t mean you’ll lack for giving: it means you will definitely get much more than this in return for being real kind and very soon.
When you give what doesn’t cost you, you don’t get this feeling because you may have not given just what you should have.

let’s make this season colorful for the less privileged by tirelessly donating in cash or material items until February 13!

‘you, me, us….together!

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot; nothing is going to get better_ Dr. Seus.

The willingness to give doesn’t make one charitable, it makes one free_ Robert Brault

For any inquiries please call:
0809 9572 130 or 07038544485
Blackberry pin: 28d653a3


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