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The lights are still on in the living room,when my car pulls into the family driveway. Surprised,I look at my watch and I see a splash of blood,already dried and crusty. Events of the day come back to me… A drug crackdown went horribly wrong,and a young hustler got killed,and I was the one to pull the trigger. Well,it had to be me or him,and I wasn’t quite ready to tick the angelic register upstairs. Pity. A mother’s tears will be shed tonight…
Back to the present. It’s almost midnight. Who could still be up at this time. Something’s wrong but my brain’s all muddled up. Something’s missing but… Ah ha! Rufus. My alsatian. Rufus. I call out his name again but no answer. Maybe he’s on a date with one of the neighborhood dogs. I smile at the thought. Good old Rufus. But somehow,something’s still missing. I heave my…

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