Villa Le Rose

  • The aura of the Italian Renaissance pervades Villa Le Rose, one of the luxurious properties in the Ferragamo family’s Lungarno Collection. Here in the 15th century, Marchese Niccolò Tomaso Antinori, a forebear of the noted winemaking clan, chose a serene location in the rolling green hills on the southern outskirts of Florence for his Tuscan country estate. The aristocrat’s two-story villa would remain in the family for some 400 years before passing into other hands.

    Fast-forward to the 1980s, when Leonardo and Beatrice Ferragamo acquired the villa and began to renovate it, adding the amenities needed for contemporary life but always keeping in mind the home’s charm and historic ambience. Today the residence shares the craftsmanship and impeccable location that are the hallmarks of the Lungarno Collection. One of the key attributes of the villa is its access to both Florence (15 minutes) and the rest of Tuscany.


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