The Best of 2012, Sports Awards Style

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With the NFL and college football winding down I’ve seen a lot of talk about Most Valuable Players, Comeback Players of the year and so on as I wondered to myself “What if Hollywood did this for their actors and actresses?”.  Not just some kind of award ceremony like the Oscars which is driven by politics, but an awards ceremony that followed actual sports awards? What would it look like? Welp my curiosity has led me to tackle some of their biggest recognitions and attempt to apply them to celebrities this year in Hollywood.  So without further adieu here are the 2012 winners as judged by sports criteria:

MVP (Most Valuable Player):  Jennifer Lawrence

When it came to 2012 there was one celebrity who owned everything from the silver screen to late night talk shows, social media, tabloids, magazine covers and a majority of teenaged boys walls, and that…

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