Canada’s greatest tennis player is an 82-year-old globetrotter who lives in his car

National Post | News

Lorne Main is a hard man to find.

He doesn’t have a telephone or a cellphone, he doesn’t “do email” and doesn’t have a fixed address. But he owns a car, a green 1998 Chrysler convertible with 324,000 km on the odometer and a trunk loaded with its owner’s worldly possessions, which largely consist of several pairs of tennis sneakers and a bag full of racquets.

The convertible was spotted in Montreal last weekend. Its owner, an 82-year-old former newspaper ad man who, years before he was an ad man was the best young tennis player in the country, was competing in the Canadian Senior Championships in the over-80 category.

“I won it in the final, 6-0, 6-0,” Lorne Main says, all matter of fact, as though winning for him is something that happens all the time, which, in fact, it is. “I don’t know how many Canadian titles I’ve…

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